Thursday, July 30, 2015


You may have been wondering why it's so quiet around here lately…

The answer is I've been hard at work! Above are my new postcards (created with my agents, ABLA). They're designed and printed in time for the SCBWI conference (aka #LA15scbwi), which kicks off tomorrow morning bright and early. It takes a good bit of preparation — new portfolio art, new postcards, new dummies or manuscripts.  New shoes!

Some people begin to prepare months in advance, but I couldn't. I have another project on the go, also demanding my 1000% attention. I'm working on my picture book for Nord Süd (North South Books): getting to know the characters ...

and playing around with the hero...
 ...with his eponymous green umbrella…

And above all, trying to get the visual narrative to work:
Here is the famous storyboard clothesline, with earlier versions of many of the spreads. Of course, by the time the book gets into print there will be more changes, revisions and endless effing tweaks.

So that's where I have been lately. This blog will probably stay quiet for a little while longer, but nowadays I can also be found on Instagram and even tweeting on Twitter.

See you all later — enjoy the summer!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Good news lately…

I can finally announce that I've been at work on a new picture book! It will be published by NordSüd Verlag, the wonderful Swiss publishing house (Lisbeth Zwerger, Oliver Jeffers and Natascha Rosenberg are amongst the artists who regularly work for them).  North South Books (their American imprint) will also publish it— so it will be available in both English and German! Simultaneously!!
Publishers Weekly Childrens Bookshelf announced the news last week—
Though the announcement says that I'm unagented (I did negotiate this deal on my own), I am now being represented by the fabulous literary agent, Jen Rofé (of ABLA— Andrea Brown Literary Agency). They represent so many wonderful writers and artists in the realm of children's literature… I'm pleased as punch to be among them…

So if I am more quiet than usual on this blog, it is because somebody or other is cracking the whip and I am galloping full speed to keep up!

PS. I also answered a few questions on Joanna Marple's great kidlit blog recently.  Go and take a look...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3x3 Annual No.11

Yay, the new 3x3 annual is finally out! It is now available as a printed book and as a pdf, and will soon be released as an iPad app, as well.

My illustration (above) got an honorable mention —it is from No Crocodiles in Town.  To see all the winning illustrations online, go to 3x3 then click on the Online Annual No.11 button. It includes work for the Picture Book Show, as well as the Professional Show and the Student/Newcomer entries.  So many fantastic illustrators from all over the world!

PS. Here are some interesting places to click—
Russian books for children
Valerio Vidali has refreshed his website
Annika Oyrabo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 already!

Happy 2015… wishing you an inventive and effervescent new year, full of reasons to celebrate the whole year through. Champagne's on me!