Friday, October 22, 2010

Calendar time

It's calendar season!  This image is by Thomas Baas, part of a recent exhibit of calendar illustrations.  Now extremely prized and very hard to come by, these calendars were produced every year for about two decades by Alain Lachartre, an illustrator and graphic designer and founder of the legendary agence-atelier Vue Sur La Ville.  Images are by an all-star cast of illustrators (over 200 of them, all told) including Loustal, Marc Boutavant, Benoit Jacques, Gary Baseman, Pierre Le-Tan and many others.  It was an open assignment with the only condition being that the calendar itself had to be incorporated into the illustration. With wonderful results!

Originally presented last summer at Cité de l'Architecture in Paris, I was able to see it recently at the gallery at Parsons Paris art school.  I look forward to seeing more of the offerings here in the coming season...
Camilla's calendar is now available.  As we all know!

Arche Kinder Kalendar is a gorgeous calendar filled with poetic images resulting from an exhibit organized by Internationale Jugendbiliothek, gathering together 150 of the best illustrated poems for children. They have chosen twelve of them for this calendar  (via Topipittori).

National Public Radio's 2011 calendar has a dream team of illustrators creating images for it, including Matte Stephens, Jeremy Holmes, heads of State, Lab Partners and many more.

The Tolkein calendar has images by Dutch artist Cor Blok, originally created in 1960.  Both modernist and child-like, they are inspired by Blok's take on the Bayeux tapestry and applied to the imaginative universe of J.R.R. Tolkein.

Finally, for those of you who love owls, here is a free downloadable and customizable calendar, featuring artwork (yes, of owls!) from 30 different illustrators.  From My Owl Barn.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Warm and cozy

Hamlet the pig has made another appearance in my sketchbook!
Just a little comfort and warmth on this chilly autumn day...

In other news:
As I mentioned before, Serge Bloch recently designed a set of postage stamps.  They are called "Sourires" and are now —finally!— available from La Poste.  Get 'em while they're hot!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kveta Pacovska, again

Here, as promised, are more images from Kveta Pacovska's exhibit.

This owl is an original from her new book, Couleurs du Jour.

This collage was from a book called A l'Infini (published by Editions Paname in 2007).

Quite a few of her books are on display as well, spanning five decades from the early sixties to the present.  Many of them are exceedingly hard to get a hold of, having only been published in Czechoslovakia (as was) — they come from private collections such as that of Paris's wonderful children's library, Bibliothèque de l'Heure Joyeuse. Also some very rarely seen books published by Albatros, the legendary Czech publisher of children's books.

Cover art for Das Tier mit den Funkelaugen (Beltz & Gelberg, 1990) —about a flying animal with sparkly eyes.

Published by Albatros in 1986, the illustrations inside this book are all in black and white.

This 1968 version of Lord of the Flies was published by Pan Much, and all the illustrations are black and white.

The exhibit is still running until 30 October at the Libraires Associés. This combination gallery, publisher and bookshop is a veritable paper paradise — ça vaut le détour.  And those of you going to the Salon de Livres Jeunesse at Montreuil in December may be able to see Kveta Pacovska in person — rumour has it that she will be speaking and signing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Places to go

A few places you might like to visit if your time permits:

Josef Palacek: the wonderful Czech illustrator — a marvelously poetic vision in his children's books amply rewarded by prizes at Bologna Book Fair, IBBY, Teatrio... There is surprisingly little about him on the internet, but I found more images on Natascha Rosenberg's blog...

Analogue: a gallery and bookshop in Edinburgh— I wish I lived nearer to it! They have had some interesting exhibits I'd like to have seen, including Jean Jullien, Marcus Oakley, Nigel Peake and Tom Gauld.  See their flickr for more!

Armenian tales and legends: illustrated by the Russian illustrator Victoria Semykina.  Quel talent!  Also here and here and on tzeh (fabulous Russian illustrator's collective).  And I think this is her blog (in Russian).

Enjoy yourselves!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kveta Pacovska!!

Kveta Pacovska has an exhibit of her artwork— original drawings, prints, posters and her books (dating back to the early '60's) at Les Libraires Associés, in Paris.  A few nights ago, there was a vernissage for it, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend it — and even luckier to have a chance to meet and chat with Kveta herself!

 82 years old and still going strong as ever, she has just put out a new book. Couleurs du Jour (Editions Grandes Personnes, 2010) is an amazing achievement.  A bit over 5 inches square and almost as thick (it's the cube of paper you see in her hand above) , it is a 90-page accordeon-fold book which measures over 10 meters when opened!  It's hard to give a sense of it in photos, but it took up a whole wall of the gallery space. when displayed.  PLUS, it's printed on both sides — and larded with little paper doors and windows and mirrors, so that the pages are interacting with each other.

It's a bit like a kaleidoscope, in a sense — same elements, but different every time you look at it. And (it goes without saying) the images are just brilliant.  I will be showing more soon...

It is a wordless book, but the driving idea of Couleurs du Jour is that colours are chosen according to their sound, and each day of the week has its own sound and colour— Monday is green, Tuesday is blue, and so on.  Of course —according to one's mood, age or point of view — the colours could change.  This is how Kveta saw things when she was 10 years old...

If any of you have the chance to go, the exhibit runs until 30 October at:
Les Libraires Associés
3, rue Pierre l'Ermite
75018 Paris

It's open every day, but by appointment.  Phone:

((((((Thanks, Kveta!!!))))))

PS. Kveta Pakovska does not have a website but to find out more look here:  Ricochet article (French only) and Links list.