Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bologna, part 2 — Discoveries

In this installment of my ludicrously unpunctual series of posts on Bologna, I want to share a few discoveries I made while there.  Once you tear yourself away from your appointments, the exhibitions and other activities, your explorations will be amply rewarded!

Estonian illustrators really caught my eye this time. Juri Mildeberg did this one (as well as the one above):
Piret Raud's images are fresh and quirky:

Then there was Anu Kalm...

...and the somewhat elusive Anne Linnamagi:

Next up:  from the book stand of EKEBI (the National Book Centre of Greece), I stumbled upon the work of Effie Lada:
She is one of the nominees for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award (aka the "IBBY").  Quite an honour — these are like the Nobel Prize for children's books!

For one reason or another (friends, rendez-vous, etc), I found myself spending a good bit of time in the German publishing area.  And there I found quite a few artists whose work was unfamiliar to me, including —

Manuela Olten, and her charming hippopotamus Nefertiti (seen here rummaging for her lost cup):

{Eine Tasse für Nofretete Nilpferd — Berlin Verlag 2010}

... and a bedtime scene:
There was also Martina Badstuber, and her flying donkey: 
(Published in German as "Fredo träumt vom Fliegen". In English: "When Donkeys Fly")

"Das Kleine Schwein..."
There was much much more — far too many to name! I will just mention in passing that the Spanish publishers had much that was intriguing— from (just to name a few): EdelvivesZorro RojoOQO and Kalandraka.... 

Great work... and enough inspiration to be getting on with!


  1. The long wait makes it even more enjoyable! :-D

  2. I love OQO & Kalandraka, been following them for a while.
    Funny to see Piret's work, we recevied it as a Christmas gift and I love the illustrations:

  3. Fantastic pearls,Maral!

  4. Thanks — I try my best!! ;-))

    Hazel, hopefully I will find my proper rhythm here!!

    Deb, what a great present! And the right kind of friends!! :), I TOLD you you should have come with us! La prochaine fois!!

  5. You have a very very interesting blog, thank you for sharing it!!!

  6. Thank you Yolanda — I really like your blog, too!

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