Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On my table

Here are a few things that are on and around my table these days...
My new surroundings seem to be having an effect on me.
The crocodiles have come along for the ride, too!
As for Pomelo, well — he always regarded my table as his bed anyway...
In other news: 
I just got word the other day that Beatrice Alemagna is making more of her canvas silhouettes.  And best of all, she can make one for you (yes, you!) if you let her know, too. Just imagine!

Marjolaine Brillant young illustratrice from Poitou.

Miranda van Dijk's "Hidden Memories" are a poetic mélange of leaves and photos.


  1. Love your palmtrees as well as your crocodiles, did I mention that yet?? Souzette is greeting you too, she loves these new pieces and the influence of the new sourroundings!

  2. Thank you Maria — so lovely to hear from you and Suzette! You can't go wrong with palm trees and crocodiles... and cats!
    big hug from Clémentine (and me)... et à bientôt!

  3. Beautiful palm trees, and those crocodiles rock!

  4. Thanks Carin! I'd forgotten how much I like palm trees until I saw them all over the place again...
    (PS: "Crocodile Rock"— I get it!! :D )

  5. beautiful landscape!!! and the crocodile is amazing!!

  6. Hi Adolfo — thank you! The landscape is inspiring me in small and big ways, just the change of scene in itself opened my eyes.
    PS Are you going to Bologna?

  7. Dear Maral, I love your palm trees, crocodiles and the way you work.
    Nice to meet you and enjoy your beautiful creativity!!.

  8. Greetings to you and Pomelo
    from me and my cat Paulina.
    I will visit you here soon and often.

  9. Thanks, Sigrid and Paulina ... take care!


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