Monday, June 4, 2012

Le Metamorfosi del Viaggiatore

I'm very happy to announce that my images have been selected for a group show in Italy! Organized by the Associazione Illustratori, the exhibit is called Le Metamorfosi del Viaggiatore (traveler's transformation). Its theme is travel in all its guises—both real and imaginary— and will include paintings, illustrations, sequential art (aka fumetti or bande dessinée) and carnets de voyage.  
My contribution is artwork from a sketchbook I kept during a previous visit to California, with scenes in and around my parents' home and walks taken in the Hollywood Hills.
This view of the rooftops and hillside is what I see from my work-room window as I sit at the computer typing this post!
These are birds that come by every day.  They fascinate my cat Pomelo -- they are objects of enormous yearning and desire for him.
The images are in gouache, and the line on top added later in ink and brush.  They were painted en plein air, for the most part — not my usual materials, technique or method (as often happens with travel sketchbooks), and all the more energizing for it...
For those of you are able to go, the show takes place in Milan from 18 October to 2 December, at  the Palazzo delle Stelline (Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese).  Check the blog for updates and more details. 

PS. I really hope I get to go see it this autumn... there is a really great line-up of artists participating in this show!


  1. i saw yours crocodile drawing and I liked it very much!

  2. So cooool !!! Congratulations to you Maral !

  3. Hi Maria — thank you! It was a nice surprise for me to find this out, too , a real bright little spot! Hope you are well, and that the project is going smoothly...

  4. Congratulations M - glad to have landed on your blog!

  5. Thank you, Bridget — and welcome to "Chez Maral"! It's great to hear from you... and a bit of a coincidence, I just received the new "Belles Histoires" with your cover on it. So bravo to you, too!

  6. This sounds great. I love travel journals. Love your birds too!

  7. Thanks, Laura! My favourite of the birds is the mockingbird.... I wonder if you have those in Britain?
    :-) x


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