Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3x3 Directory

I've been meaning to mention...I finally got my copy of ILLO 13 (the 3x3 International Illustration Directory)! I am very pleased to tell you that I have a couple of images in it. My crocodile illustration can be found in the "Animal" section.  

This image is the basis of the endpapers of my children's book project, mentioned previously. (click image for bigness)

And in the "Children" section of the directory is this mouse, forever contemplating the camembert. Some of you might remember seeing her before, here.

You can look at the website: there are a lot of good illustrations to peruse. Then there's a free app, which you can get from iTunes— and that is available to everybody. And, of course, it exists in book form as well. In fact, if you are an art director, editor, graphic designer or art buyer, you can request a free copy.

Here's what it looks like— the cover art is by the Dutch illustrator, Aad Goudappel....

In conclusion, YAY!


  1. YAY! Those alligators are absolutely WONDERFUL. And of course I love and remember your camembert-contemplating mouse. Big kudos--this looks like a beautiful publication!

  2. Thanks Carin! Yes, the publication is pretty impressive.... you should click around in the website, there is a lot of YAY in there!!

  3. Hi, M.! So good to be in contact, your art is brilliant!
    Congrats for this publication, I'm in love with those crocodiles :)

  4. Hello Paola — welcome to my blog! It is good to hear from you too... and my crocodiles thank you!!

  5. Wonderful a double page spread of crocodiles :-D XXX

  6. No such thing as too many crocodiles, Hazel! :)
    Hope you're well xox


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