Friday, May 17, 2013

Hurray for May!

It's about time, too...
Of course, once all the flowers start blooming, it's very difficult  not to be inspired!
And then there's...
Raccoon yoga

Have a wonderful weekend!

*Historiae Naturalis —Oriane Dufour's cut paper exploration of the natural world
*Bear with me — collaborative book project from Britain
*Hus mit hus — A.M. Victoria's painted wood project

PS.  This blog will most likely be very quiet over the summer, as I work on a few projects and recharge my batteries.  I'll be back in September.... see you then!


  1. Your illustrations are magical! Hello from Wichita, Kansas!

  2. I love all the really neat picture of flowers and then BAM, there is a raccoon. I got a wonderful laugh at it and am so pleased now. I love this. Thank you for this awesome post of the day.

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