Sunday, September 28, 2014

Change of season

Summer officially ended a few days ago, and I for one am glad to see it go.  There is only so much sweltering and sweating I can stand. Hello autumn, my favorite season! Doesn't it always feels like a new year starts with the autumnal equinox?

But still, I'll be sad to see the end of jacaranda season. In the part of southern California that I find myself in, the streets are lined with jacaranda trees which bloom with glorious purple blossoms from April to September-ish. And over the last few months I've photographing them...
On my street. 
This is on Hollywood Boulevard. A different kind of glamour!
Fallen blossoms on the grass.

The fallen blossoms have been my playthings over the summer months, too —

And with that, I am ready to dive into autumn— bring on the woolens and the pumpkin pie! I'm buckling down for new work, so stay tuned!

PS. Speaking of playthings, have you seen stop-watch? Tineke Meirink has a very playful eye!


  1. :-D love the tooting blossoms :-D what a fab colour they are.

  2. I love that color too, Hazel! Those blossoms are excellent playthings. And I love jacaranda trees themselves (which are beautiful even without the blossoms), with their delicate,fern-like foliage. I think the streets of Buenos Aires are also lined with these trees...


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