Friday, October 22, 2010

Calendar time

It's calendar season!  This image is by Thomas Baas, part of a recent exhibit of calendar illustrations.  Now extremely prized and very hard to come by, these calendars were produced every year for about two decades by Alain Lachartre, an illustrator and graphic designer and founder of the legendary agence-atelier Vue Sur La Ville.  Images are by an all-star cast of illustrators (over 200 of them, all told) including Loustal, Marc Boutavant, Benoit Jacques, Gary Baseman, Pierre Le-Tan and many others.  It was an open assignment with the only condition being that the calendar itself had to be incorporated into the illustration. With wonderful results!

Originally presented last summer at Cité de l'Architecture in Paris, I was able to see it recently at the gallery at Parsons Paris art school.  I look forward to seeing more of the offerings here in the coming season...
Camilla's calendar is now available.  As we all know!

Arche Kinder Kalendar is a gorgeous calendar filled with poetic images resulting from an exhibit organized by Internationale Jugendbiliothek, gathering together 150 of the best illustrated poems for children. They have chosen twelve of them for this calendar  (via Topipittori).

National Public Radio's 2011 calendar has a dream team of illustrators creating images for it, including Matte Stephens, Jeremy Holmes, heads of State, Lab Partners and many more.

The Tolkein calendar has images by Dutch artist Cor Blok, originally created in 1960.  Both modernist and child-like, they are inspired by Blok's take on the Bayeux tapestry and applied to the imaginative universe of J.R.R. Tolkein.

Finally, for those of you who love owls, here is a free downloadable and customizable calendar, featuring artwork (yes, of owls!) from 30 different illustrators.  From My Owl Barn.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Maral! I had seen your work sometime through your web page, I'm glad to find out you have a blog. Great work here. Will be watching! Cheers

  2. Hello, gracias and bienvenue, Laura! I like your work (and your blog) too!!

  3. hum moi j'aime bien les illustrations de Thomas
    merci a toi Maral

  4. Salut, Parastou! Moi aussi, j'aime les illustration de Thomas Baas... Mais ils étaient tous excellent. J'aiimerais posseder un de ces calendriers un jour.

  5. i love calendar season! although i find that there are way too many to choose from.

    lovely post :)

  6. Hi Danica — thanks! I agree about too many calendars to choose from, wish I had room for all of them!!

  7. Merci pour ce post "Vues sur la ville" .
    Vous pouvez en (sa)voir plus sur

  8. Salut Michel‚
    it was my pleasure! C'était génial de voir toutes ces illustrations exposées ensembles...
    Merci d'être venu :-)

  9. Merci pour tous vos gentils commentaires. C'était un réel plaisir d'exposer la quasi totalité des dessins publiés dans mes calendriers, à la Parsons School Gallery; Alain Lachartre

  10. Bonjour Alain — et bienvenu sur mon blog, ça fait très plaisir! J'admire vraiment votre traivail (les alligators!)...Et l'expo des calendriers était super — j'ai hâte de voir la version 2011!!


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