Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kveta Pacovska, again

Here, as promised, are more images from Kveta Pacovska's exhibit.

This owl is an original from her new book, Couleurs du Jour.

This collage was from a book called A l'Infini (published by Editions Paname in 2007).

Quite a few of her books are on display as well, spanning five decades from the early sixties to the present.  Many of them are exceedingly hard to get a hold of, having only been published in Czechoslovakia (as was) — they come from private collections such as that of Paris's wonderful children's library, Bibliothèque de l'Heure Joyeuse. Also some very rarely seen books published by Albatros, the legendary Czech publisher of children's books.

Cover art for Das Tier mit den Funkelaugen (Beltz & Gelberg, 1990) —about a flying animal with sparkly eyes.

Published by Albatros in 1986, the illustrations inside this book are all in black and white.

This 1968 version of Lord of the Flies was published by Pan Much, and all the illustrations are black and white.

The exhibit is still running until 30 October at the Libraires Associés. This combination gallery, publisher and bookshop is a veritable paper paradise — ça vaut le détour.  And those of you going to the Salon de Livres Jeunesse at Montreuil in December may be able to see Kveta Pacovska in person — rumour has it that she will be speaking and signing.


  1. oooh,This Exhibit looks colorful interesting!

    Gracias, Maral!

  2. Hi— yes, it was enchanting and exuberantly colorful!

  3. Yes, it was very good... she had a retrospective show a few years ago in the museum of Frankfurt, maybe you saw that?? You have a good weekend too!

  4. little chance of getting to Paris to see this but I would so much love to. One of my all time faves. Maybe in Montreuil?

  5. Hi, Kickcan! Yes, she mentioned coming to Paris for the Salon but didn't say which day(s). Will you be coming too?


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