Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One more thing...

To finish off these past few posts on Montreuil, I want to give a special mention to my friend Constanze von Kitzing, who was my guest during the Salon... her first time here, but not her last!

Constanze is a children's book illustrator and author from Germany who has not only published several books with a variety of publishers in Europe, but has also been awarded, both at the Bologna Book Fair (where she was a selected illustrator in 2010) and at the CJ Picture Book festival of South Korea.

Here she is at a signing at Montreuil, for La Joie de Lire, the wonderful Swiss maison d'édition who have published many of her books, including her series on the little lion cub:  Cache-cache, C'est moi le meilleur, and Dormez-vous. (Inside images here, here and here ... do look!)

(She signed my copies too — yay!)

(Even Pomelo had his portrait done! Very happy he is with it, too...)

Her most recent picture book— Pingouin glacé (also published by La Joie de Lire)— came out just last month.  It's all about a little penguin who feels a bit chilly and goes off in search of warmth (in all its varieties) — sympathique and clever!

Thanks for everything,  Constanze.  See you soon — a presto!


  1. Yes, it's lovely — so glad you like it!!

  2. hehe, i guess i'm a bit late, but thanks for this great post!!!! :-)

  3. Hey Constanze! You're welcome — the pleasure was all mine!!


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