Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna has a new book out!

Published by Editions Autrement, it is entitled La Gigantesque Petite Chose. Half poem, half riddle, it is about that enormous but tiny thing* (so hard to define) that we all look for in our different ways. It comes and it goes, it is never where you expect it to be, it is small and fragile and brief and evanescent—and yet looms so large in all our lives. A very beautiful book.

To mark the occasion, there was a one-woman show of her work at Galerie Autrement— called, of course, La gigantesque petite expo — where she was also present for a book signing.  I went along to the opening.

There were many small pieces and a few larger ones, as well as some objects and a few posters.
There were also these shaped paintings, like the one below. Painted on a raw linen canvas, unprimed, unstretched and cut to silhouette, these larger-than-life characters were my favourites!
It was very nice to chat with her for a bit...
...she wrote such a nice dedicace—with a small drawing too! I love it.
Grazie, Beatrice!!
image found on Carnet Imaginaire

PS. Those of you who are in Paris, the show can be seen for another week at Galerie Autrement, 77 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 75011 Paris. They're open Monday through Friday 10:00 to 6:00. (I would call first...)

PPS. Here is a fine little interview with Beatrice, if you want to know more.

*Hint:  "Cette petite chose invisible, et gigantesque pourtant, qu'un jour quelqu'un a appelée bonheur..."

11/7/11, LATE-BREAKING UPDATE:  I just came across this video interview with Beatrice (via Annagrazie!), and I just had to add it to this post.  Very illuminating... enjoy!


  1. I would have loved to go to the expo. Thanks for the chronicle!

  2. Hi Laura —yes, it was a lovely evening in every way!

  3. Delightful... I would have loved to be there too!

  4. Hello, Laura! It was definitely worth seeing Beatrice's work in its original form. And I really really recommend the book... I would love to see it translated into every language!


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