Monday, September 19, 2011

Sàrmede, again

Following on from my last entry, here's a quick postscript with a little bit more about the teachers — and the students — of Sàrmede.

Linda Wolfgruber's work (like this image above, from  Finn's Land) is expressive, refined and full of wonderful surprises.

Her spare and evocative compositions allow enough room for your  imagination to enter and find its own way...

I especially love these skating ducks!

Svjetlan Junakovic is prolific and exuberant...
Have a look at his site, and this nice write-up from Animalarium
He has recently begun to make these sculptures, too.

As for the former students,  many of the people who have been taught at Sarmede's workshops  have blossomed into some of the best illustrators of the up-and-coming generation.  To see a few (there are many more, obviously — and many yet to come!), look here:

Simone Rea (who studied with Linda)

Violeta Lopiz (who studied with both Linda and Jozef Wilkon)

Adolfo Serra

and the incomparable Beatrice Alemagna....

....who took courses taught by Stepan Zavrel himself, back when the workshops were held in Zavrel's house.

How lucky can you get!


  1. All magical but I adore Svjetlan's sculptures.

  2. Hi M, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog....have you been to Sarmede? I went once to see my work in the international children's exhibition...
    I see you also like Beatrice Alemagna...i LOVE her work, it is beautiful.

  3. HAZEL: I so agree— I wish I could find more of it! x

    SARAH: Hello! Yes, I spent part of last summer in Sàrmede. And I hope to go again soon, maybe next month for the exhibition.
    And yes, Beatrice is lovely — have you seen her new book "La Gigantesque Petite Chose"? She has outdone herself!

  4. Hi M. :)
    Sàrmede is a place full of inspiration and Linda is a great teacher!
    I am sure you have fun there!
    A big hug.

  5. Hi Adolfo — it's true Sàrmede is very inspiring, sometimes in ways you don't notice until weeks or months later. I had a great time and will definitely go again!


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