Sunday, November 6, 2011

Carnet de croquis

I got to sketch a bit while I was away...
...this is Rugolo, in the hills above Sàrmede (click to see larger).

Go here, to see a few more of my sketches.


  1. Gorgeous M!
    This is a wonderful vista....
    If i had known you were there I'd have gladly had a glass of wine...a conversation!
    I went from being very much the awkward outsider to mooching along in delight! 2 days is not enough... but yet it is more than enough to furnish one's dreams!
    S x!

  2. Thank you, Sophie! It would have been great to catch up with you—and you were certainly already in my quartier (St. Michel / Notre Dame area).
    La prochaine fois, alors...

  3. I think this is a lovely watercolour sketch! looks like a beautiful place :)

  4. Thanks, Ben! Northern Italy is lovely this time of year...

  5. Yes it,s Rugolo!
    Thanx Maral!
    Hope i can take a tour to Sarmede to see your work!

  6. Ciao Tullio—thanks for your comment!
    I borrowed your book from the library just last week, the one about the ant: "Une fourmi pas comme les autres". It is so funny! Especially the ending..."PENG!"
    Benvenuto nel mio blog!


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