Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I can now finally reveal these illustrations, which were my participation in this year's Ilustrarte Biennale.
I wanted to make this announcement a few weeks ago, to coincide with Ilustrarte's posting the news of the winners and selections for the exhibition. But then it transpired that my illustrations had vanished into the ether—for over four weeks, nobody knew what had become of them! Which in turn precipitated a state of DEFCON3 and a flurry of agitated activity to recover them. Ça m'a mis dans tout mes états!

But:  HAPPY ENDING! Lo and behold, yesterday my images were uncovered, mysteriously returned from their month-long sojourn in the 17th dimension. Welcome back!!!

Anyway, congratulations to all the selected illustrators, and a special 'complimenti' to Valerio Vidali and Simone Rea.  And also to the other participants—this list includes such a lot of wonderful artists, it must have been very difficult to choose just 50.  

The exhibit will open in January 2012, in Lisbon, and from there it will go to Ghent (where I hope to see it) and elsewhere. I'm looking forward to this!

PS.  Merci, les filles, for your sympathy and support...


  1. Congratulations - I adore these images! So glad they've returned to our world.

  2. Thanks, Carin! Yes, it was a HUGE RELIEF when they came back from wherever they were. They still have to trek back from Lisbon to Paris (without going off the beaten path) — I will be happy to see them again!
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving...

  3. So glad that you got these beautiful illudtrations back and that you are back too! show them to us X

  4. I really like these illustrations! Happy you got them back!:)

  5. lovely artwork! great design of trees! :)

  6. I am so happy I ran on this blog, it's a real gem in the blogosphere! I can tell that this is a beginning of a long on-line friendship! ;)) Greetings from Croatia!

  7. HAZEL: Hello there! It's a huge relief that they were found... haven't gotten them back yet, though. I'll show you when I do, if you like...

    ANNE SARA: Thank you so much!

    NICHOLAS: I'm so glad you like my little oasis...thanks!

    LANA: Wow, thank you Lana! Welcome to my (secret) blog!!

  8. These are just beautiful, Maral!
    A feast for the eyes... great colour, textures and characters :)

  9. Hey Fred — long time no see!! Thanks, I'm happy you like the crocs and their adventures...


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