Sunday, September 8, 2013

And now for something completely different

I drew a robot!

I participated in Tom Franck's sketchbook project which has the theme Evil Giant Robots. "Cute" and "friendly" is more my line of country, so the end result is rather like an enormous mechanical clown toy, with just a soupçon of King Kong for good measure.  Scary!

This sketchbook is traveling the world, with contributions by a mix of illustrators, children's book creators, and comic book artists.  There's an enormous variety of participants (drawings by winners of the Caldecott, the Anderson prize and even the Oscar!!)—I saw robots by Jon Klassen, Eliza WheelerDan YaccarinoChris Rashka, Mary AzarianGary BasemanRodolfo Montalvo, and Emily Arnold McCully!  And so many others, including...

In other news, I am Illustrator of the Day on CIF (Children's Illustrators on Fire), a new-to-me blog. 
(De-activeate your smoke alarms, then go check it out!)
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PS.  Home-made robot lamps, from Gille Monte Ruici


  1. Bonjour Maral, je te félicite pour ta créativité, ton coup de crayon et ton imagination; et te remercie pour le lien. ;-)

  2. Merci Gille—ça me fait plaisir! J'admire tes robots depuis un moment et donc je te félicite aussi...bravo!!

  3. Wow, your work is wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!! I love it dear Maral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Parisa, thank you so much!! Hope you are very well, dear friend!


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