Friday, November 22, 2013

Year of the Crocodile

Well I never!
I've had a fantastic surprise in my inbox ... the Society of Illustrators has selected four of my images for Illustrators 56. The artwork (from Crocodile Shoes, my unpublished book) will be on show at the Museum of American illustration in New York City starting in early January. I hope to be able to see it in person when I go visit (my first trip back to NY in over a decade—talk about timing!). There will also be a lavishly printed annual, coming out later in the year. More on that soon.

Thank you to the Society of Illustrators, for giving me such a good reason to celebrate on this damp grey weekday (Champagne, and lots of it. You are welcome to join me!!). And congratulations to the other artists selected for this show... a very inspiring lineup indeed.

OK, it's time to get back to work now. Nose to grindstone, shoulder to wheel, eyes front! But you, lovely reader, may want to look at these:

Charlotte Zolotow (children's author and editor who died a few days ago): remembered here and here
•Masako Kubo making a print (1:35 video
•Parov Stelar dancin' up a storm. More happy energy: this is what I'm doing today, between sketching and sipping bubbly!


  1. Fantastic XXX so pleased, have a great time in New York XXX

    1. Hazel, thank you! It's been such a great surprise... I'll keep you posted on what-all happens there!! xox

  2. yeah! congratulations Maral! Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Adolfo! It was a very happy surprise for me!


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