Friday, September 10, 2010

Bumping into Serge Bloch

I was on my way back from the swimming pool (26 laps today, yay me!) when I noticed a gallery on rue Dante. Galerie des Arts Graphiques, specializing in illustration, graphic design and bande dessinée, just put a new show up. Serge Bloch, one of my heroes!

Left: "C'était Fatal"
Right: "Un Bon Gars"

He has a beautiful bold line and an inspired way with ephemera. Wooden blocks, old envelopes, wine labels, postage stamps... it's all grist to his mill.

"Général Timbré"

If I had 600 euros burning a hole in my pocket, I'd certainly be tempted by this one!

As for the gallery, they've got an interesting fall season lined up including Loustal and Jean Jullien. So I shall certainly be returning — stay tuned!

PS. I was told by the woman running the gallery that La Poste (the French mail service) would be putting out a set of postage stamps designed by Serge Bloch within the next few months. You heard it here first!


  1. Ooooo Maral! I adore his work too.
    I wish it was just around the corner from me . . . thank you for showing some of his works that I hadn't seen. x

  2. Yeah Hazel, it's really great stumbling upon things in this way — you'll see when you come visit! :)
    As for the show, it's very inspiring, and the gallery will be putting up more images on their website in about a week, if you want to see more...

  3. Ah Maral, If La Poste does as is rumored then I will be needing a letter appropriately dressed in the best stamps available. x

  4. Hazel: To hear is to obey!

  5. wow... Nice blog... nice post!!
    Love what you do...!
    I was in Paris last month...
    but I have to go back,obviously to see this exhibition!

  6. Hi,—
    I love your blog too, I have been a fan for quite some time! The Serge Bloch expo will be there for about 2 more weeks, until 2 October I think. But they always have good things there....


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