Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Casting Call, Part 3

More from my sketchbooks.  This is another one of the recurring characters that's been popping up in the pages for some time:  a lost bird, named Omelette.  

He first showed up, curiously enough, when I found myself drawing eggs all the time — mysteriously large eggs.

The more I draw him, the more I find out what he's like — but one thing's for sure:  he's not like the other birds.  He always wants to do everything his own way.  Eggsasperating, sometimes...

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  1. jajajaja so funny what bird! and a very original name!

    beautiful sketches,

    a hug
    Children illustration step by step

  2. Thank you, Marián!
    (PS ... I like your blog!)

  3. Sooo cute bird with a nice name! :)

  4. Thank you, Parisa! I am so happy to hear from you — I have admired your art for a long long time... bienvenue!!

  5. Hello Maral,

    I like your drawings a lot,
    Im always very impressed of people who can draw so good.
    Im caming from Ibiza, I saw many drawings from there in your web. Are you going for holidays to the island?
    thanks for your coments
    Best regards

  6. Hi Violeta — it is very good to hear from you, I like your drawings very very much too! And your blog, as well.
    I used to go to Ibiza every summer (around Cala d'Hort / S.Josep /Es Cubells) but I have not been there for a few years. Do you live there now? Lucky you!!

  7. La mia è una formazione artistica diversa, ma da poco ho deciso di avvicinarmi anche al mondo dell'illustrazione per bambini. E quello che vedo qui è delizioso!


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