Friday, September 24, 2010

Places to go

A few places to go, if time is hanging heavy on your hands:

Getting back to the Phantom Skill: rediscovering the lost skill and singular pleasure of drawing by James McMullan. The first article in the weekly "LINE BY LINE" column in the New York Times, by a great working illustrator and artist.

Anja Mulder's beautiful corner of the internet.

Five Books —Every day, an eminent writer, thinker, academic picks five books from their own field of expertise. You too can be an expert! The ones that caught my eye: Michael Morpurgo (former chidren's laureate) on books for children; Richard Walters on screenwriting (he was my professor once upon a time!); Alain de Botton on Illuminating Essays; Calvin Trillin on memoirs; Mary Beard on ancient history in modern life. And much much more...

Croquis Parisens — a book of spare and elegant line drawings of Paris by Lionel Koechlin. Alain Beaulet, the editeur, offers many other interesting books and prints, too.

The Browser — I just discovered it: "writing worth reading".

But really, it's time to go and draw...

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