Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louise Heugel at La Maison des Contes

A few days ago, I saw the illustrations of Louise Heugel at La Maison des Contes et des Histoires, which currently has an exhibit featuring illustrated books on the theme of ancient Egypt. Louise did illustrations for Le Papyrus Sacre (by Aude Gros de Beler, published by Actes Sud Junior), which explores the secrets of hieroglyphs.

Louise studied at Penninghen (the highly reputed Parisian art college), and now lives and works in Barcelona. I love her approach to image-making, involving drawing, block-printing and layering with torn paper, vellum and ephemera.

The linoleum block prints are shown in workshops at the Maison des Contes. Louise also creates and teaches regular workshops for the Revue Dada, the wonderful art magazine for kids (and art teachers!).

I love these illustrations from Les Noces de Messire Chat

As for La Maison des Contes et des Histoires, it is a small gallery specializing in art for children's books. Located in the Marais district of Paris on 7 rue Pecquay (in the back streets behind the Centre Pompidou), it is well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in livres jeunesse.


  1. Wonderful, I love the layering and 'Les Noces de Messire Chat' I think will be added to my collection of childrens books very soon.

  2. Hi Hazel! I really like Louise's work too — "Messire Chat" really intrigued me when I saw it in the bookshop, so when I heard she was having a vernissage I knew I couldn't miss it!! And the Revue Dada stuff is wonderfully playful too — a must-see!

  3. I must visit this also...soon!
    It seems nice...
    Thanks again!

  4. Hello,!
    La maison des Contes et des Histoires is certainly worth a visit—even though it is small, it always has treasures to reveal. This show will be up until 5 December. And then, no doubt, Christmas/winter themes!

  5. Merci pour l´information, Maral. Très gentille!


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